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Meet our founder
Sterling Reckling

A Spirit formed from the wild

“The outdoors has always been a major part of my life, especially hunting and fishing. When I got Hugo (my dog) I thought, why can’t he enjoy some of the same flavors that I get to experience, and from that moment St. Hubertus Wild Game Stewards was born.”


-Sterling Reckling

For Sterling, finding the best food for his dog was a top priority. He soon found that the only food  best for his dog, was from the wild.

One of Sterling’s first services was going to ranches and hunting MLD permitted deer to donate all of the meat to Hunter’s for the Hungry. In little over a month, Sterling was able to donate over 600 pounds of venison to the hungry of Texas. After deer season ended he moved on to serving your dog wild harvested meat to help raise money for his philanthropic activities. 


Soon he was creating a handcrafted and truly all-natural pet food with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


"I wholly believe that all good things come in small batches and that is how I want to feed my dog."


The highest quality of ingredients calls for an all handcrafted dog food brand that he puts together in his own kitchen.


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